Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're back!'s been a long time since we've written! We're both hoping to do better about keeping you guys posted. Sometime I would like to go back and maybe fill in some important information here and there, but for now I'll just write about this past week.

Well, Dan and I are a little over one month into this semester (still at BYU, of course). Hmm...this is sounding strangely like one of our previous posts, isn't it? Anyway...

This semester Dan is taking
Developmental Psychology: Childhood
Intro to Social Psychology
LDS Perspectives and Psychology
Intro to Women's Studies
History of Philosophy 2

This semester I am taking
Psych 302: Research, Design, & Analysis
Psych 304: Psychological Testing
ASL (American Sign Language) 101
Intro to Women's Studies
Judaism and the Gospel
Philosophy Lecture Series

So far I've enjoyed my classes, even though some of them are very time consuming. I have to say that ASL is probably my favorite -- it's been a lot of fun, and I'm definitely picking it up much better than I picked up Spanish (back in the day). Dan has especially enjoyed his Philosophy class -- he has a really good professor who promotes some interesting discussion. Dan and I enjoy being in Women's Studies together, too. We're known as "the couple"...I'm not sure if that's a good label or not haha.

As far as this past week goes, it was a pretty mild week school-wise...kind of. Dan took two tests, so I guess that's kind of intense. He didn't think they were too bad, though. Later in the week he got sick, so he ended up staying home from classes on Thursday. Fortunately for him, he only has classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so being sick didn't push him far behind. This week I had a few assignments due here and there...a few group meetings...nothing too bad.

To fill you in a little on our work schedules, Dan is working at Hogi Yogi. He worked what seemed to me like a ton of hours this past week, but it's nice to get the money :). As for me, I got a job as a TA for Psych Stats -- I'm working for the professor I had this past Winter semester. I love it! Most of the time nobody comes to visit me during my office hours, so I just do my homework...and get paid to do it! I do enjoy when people come in for help, though -- I love helping people understand the material...really, I just love teaching in general. It's been a great job for me.

Hmm, what else? Oh, I applied for Psi Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology) this week, and I think I have a pretty good chance of getting in. I'll just cross my fingers. I'm not sure when I'll find out whether or not I made it -- hopefully later this month. This semester I also joined the ASL Club, which has been a lot of fun. At our meeting on Wednesday we learned the "general outline" (the key phrases and such) for praying and bearing our testimony in ASL. We also practiced some hymns and learned other church words in preparation for General Conference. I had a great time!

On Friday Dan and I went out for dinner at Noodles and Company, which we both *love*. We also went shopping and each bought a new pair of shoes (we were both in pretty desperate need), I bought some "girly stuff" from Bath and Body Works, and Dan bought a GRE Prep book. Eeek! The GRE! Neither of us are looking forward to that :-S

Then there was General Conference, of course. We both really enjoyed Conference this year! I thought the talks were wonderful, and so was the music! Dan missed Saturday's sessions (besides the Priesthood session) 'cause he had to work, so we're definitely planning to go back and re-watch them soon. I also plan on watching all of the sessions again in ASL, too...just for some good practice. We were thinking we'd go to the Conference Center this year for a session or two, but we decided to stay home. I'm hoping we'll go next April. While the comforts of being at home are wonderful, it's nice to go see it live at least every once in a while, especially while we have the chance.

On Saturday while Dan was at the Priesthood session, I got together with some of the Relief Society sisters -- we had a great time just talking. I really enjoyed it, especially since I don't see many of the women in Relief Society now that I'm in Primary. Oh yeah, Dan and I are both teaching a Primary class together -- 5 and 6 year olds :). It's been a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience for both of us.

I also got a haircut on Saturday between sessions, and I absolutely love it!

Well, I think that's about everything (and even if not, you're probably about ready to be done reading by now). Hopefully you'll be hearing from us again soon :)


P.S. Since I'm studying Judaism, I must also mention that Yom Kippur was this past Monday.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The beginning of a crazy week

Hey, everyone!

As I mentioned in my last entry, we were anticipating a pretty eventful week this week, and we definitely had one!

The beginning of the week wasn't very fast-paced, but by the time we hit Wednesday, things got pretty busy. Dan and I had our first "big" assignment in biology due on Wednesday, and I think we both did pretty well. The assignment was to write a paragraph describing the process of protein synthesis in a cell in a way that the average person could understand/follow. It might sound kind of boring, but I thought it was actually pretty interesting, and I think it really helped both of us understand the processes even better ourselves.

On a little side note, Dan took my rings to get cleaned on Wednesday -- they're a lot shinier and look like new again! Who knew they'd get so dirty over 6 months? Anyway, I guess that's a little random, but I definitely appreciated it :).

Thursday was our "One Year and One Month of Dating-versary." Since we've been married, we've still kept track of how long we have been "officially dating," and we usually do a little something special (nothing too extravagant) to commemorate the day. When we hit the one year mark, we celebrated by "reliving our first official date," which was a lot of fun -- we went ice skating and to Border's bookstore for hot chocolate afterward. Once we got past one year, though, we decided that it seemed a little strange to "observe" the day, or at least it wasn't as important, but I guess I still keep track of it in my head.

On Thursday, I also had my first big assignment due in my hymns class. The assignment was basically to pay extra attention to the hymns in our sacrament meetings for two Sundays and note how they are used/how they are effective/how people respond to them, etc. For one Sunday, we also had to visit another ward and do the same thing (I went and visited my sister Richelle's ward). Then we just had to write a short paper discussing our findings. It seems like kind of a weird assignment, and it kind of was, but it has helped me become much more observant of the use of hymns recently, which has been nice.

Thursday night Dan and I went to a jazz concert at BYU -- the Dixieland Jazz Band. It was a lot of fun -- they're one of my favorite groups to see. They're a pretty small, tight-knit band that plays mostly older jazz, which you don't get to hear quite as often, and they're just a fun, entertaining group. Dan and I both had a great time :).

Well, I've been trying to write about this weekend (the start of the especially crazy happenings), and it's taking me quite a while, so I think I'll just post what I have now and fill you in about the rest of the week in another entry.

We love you all and hope you're doing well!


(P.S. I started writing this entry on Sunday, but I got distracted and busy. Sorry it's a little late!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our First Entry

Dan and I started this blog mainly to inform our friends and family of what is going on in our lives. Everyone says that married couples tend to disappear during their first year of marriage -- we did not want this to be true of us, so we'd like to make sure we keep people updated.

Dan and I are about one month into the semester at BYU. We've both been pretty busy with school, but we haven't experienced anything too crazy just yet.

This semester Dan is taking
Biology 100
Music 204: History of Jazz
Geology 101
Math 113: Calculus 2
Psychology 303: Writing within Psychology

I am taking
Linguistics 330: Intro to (Modern) Linguistics
Biology 100
Psychology 301: Psychological Statistics
Psychology 101: Intro to Psych Major
Religion 392R: Special Studies in Religion -- Hymns
Philosophy 305: Predicate Logic

We are happy to be taking biology together -- it's a bit of a change from last semester, though, when we had three classes together. We haven't decided whether it's better or worse to be taking classes together -- there are definite pros and cons both options.

This past week has been somewhat eventful. I had a Stats test on Monday, and I am happy to say that I did very well! Dan had a test in geology and a listening test in history of jazz this past week, too -- he also did well :). Other than that, school-wise we've just been chugging along and preparing for bigger tests and assignments to come.

On Friday we went to a BYU Young Ambassador's concert with my sister Richelle and a couple of her friends. The concert was a lot of fun! It covered several decades of popular songs from the radio and from Broadway shows, including some Abba songs, selections from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, selections from Wicked, "Sherry Baby," "Footloose," "I Got Rhythm," and many more. The music and dancing were both excellent! After the concert, we went out for gelato, which was very delcious :). Overall, it was a fun night.

Saturday was a pretty eventful day, as well. Dan went out and bought himself a new desk (so far I've been the only one with a desk), a well-needed bedframe, and feet for the bedframe (to lift it higher off the ground). We've been wanting a bedframe for quite some time so that we could have some storage space underneath the bed. Once Dan came home from shopping, the big "project of the day" began -- we decided to rearrange our bedroom with our new furniture additions. It took quite a bit of work (especially moving the fish tank!), but we were able to get everything in order. It looks really nice, and we've been enjoying it -- the room seems a lot bigger now, and we feel like we have a lot more room. We still have a bit of organizing to do, but the majority of our work is done! After we had finished working on the bedroom, we went to a friend's birthday party. We also went out for burgers afterward. By the end of the day, we were exhausted, but really pleased with all that we were able to get done.

This morning we went to church and made it in good time, which has been a bit more challenging since the change in meeting time (last year we met at 1:00pm, but since the beginning of the year we've started at 9:00am). Dan now has Home Teaching assignments, which we're both happy about -- we have yet to find out who our Home Teachers are...we're not sure if we have any yet, but hopefully this is a sign that we will be getting some soon. Dan and I have also been asked to speak next Sunday in Sacrament Meeting, which should be interesting -- I haven't had to give a talk in quite some time! I'm a little nervous, but I think it will be a good thing for both of us.

This evening we went to Richelle's apartment and played a rousing game of Scrabble and a pretty intense game of Jenga with one of her roommates and one of her friends. We enjoyed delicious brownies and cookies as we played. Dan and I were on a team in Scrabble and won with a whopping 233 points :). We've been happy to have had a pretty social weekend -- sometimes we feel like we rarely socialize or see any of our friends, so we are pretty pleased with our socializing opportunities this weekend.

That's about it for our combined week. As for my week personally, I just have to mention that I am happy that I read two books this week! The first was a little book called One Bright Shining Hope: Messages for Women from Gordon B. Hinckley. I really enjoyed it -- it was very uplifting and inspiring. The second was our Relief Society's "Book of the Month Club" book called Rules by Cynthia Lord. I'm really excited to discuss it in a few weeks. One of my goals for the year was to read more for enjoyment/fun -- before now, I haven't sat down and read a "non-required" book in a very long time. I'm really enjoying planning out what books I want to read, and so far I've had really good experiences with what I've read so far :). I just started The Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal our Hearts and Homes by James L. Ferrell today. My mom and dad gave it to me at the very beginning of my freshman year at BYU, but I never got around to reading it (like many other books I've wanted to read). It's really good so far -- I'm excited to keep reading it!

Well, that's quite a bit about our week. We have a pretty eventful week ahead of us, so we'll be sure to keep you posted on that!

Hope everyone else has a wonderful week!