Sunday, February 15, 2009

The beginning of a crazy week

Hey, everyone!

As I mentioned in my last entry, we were anticipating a pretty eventful week this week, and we definitely had one!

The beginning of the week wasn't very fast-paced, but by the time we hit Wednesday, things got pretty busy. Dan and I had our first "big" assignment in biology due on Wednesday, and I think we both did pretty well. The assignment was to write a paragraph describing the process of protein synthesis in a cell in a way that the average person could understand/follow. It might sound kind of boring, but I thought it was actually pretty interesting, and I think it really helped both of us understand the processes even better ourselves.

On a little side note, Dan took my rings to get cleaned on Wednesday -- they're a lot shinier and look like new again! Who knew they'd get so dirty over 6 months? Anyway, I guess that's a little random, but I definitely appreciated it :).

Thursday was our "One Year and One Month of Dating-versary." Since we've been married, we've still kept track of how long we have been "officially dating," and we usually do a little something special (nothing too extravagant) to commemorate the day. When we hit the one year mark, we celebrated by "reliving our first official date," which was a lot of fun -- we went ice skating and to Border's bookstore for hot chocolate afterward. Once we got past one year, though, we decided that it seemed a little strange to "observe" the day, or at least it wasn't as important, but I guess I still keep track of it in my head.

On Thursday, I also had my first big assignment due in my hymns class. The assignment was basically to pay extra attention to the hymns in our sacrament meetings for two Sundays and note how they are used/how they are effective/how people respond to them, etc. For one Sunday, we also had to visit another ward and do the same thing (I went and visited my sister Richelle's ward). Then we just had to write a short paper discussing our findings. It seems like kind of a weird assignment, and it kind of was, but it has helped me become much more observant of the use of hymns recently, which has been nice.

Thursday night Dan and I went to a jazz concert at BYU -- the Dixieland Jazz Band. It was a lot of fun -- they're one of my favorite groups to see. They're a pretty small, tight-knit band that plays mostly older jazz, which you don't get to hear quite as often, and they're just a fun, entertaining group. Dan and I both had a great time :).

Well, I've been trying to write about this weekend (the start of the especially crazy happenings), and it's taking me quite a while, so I think I'll just post what I have now and fill you in about the rest of the week in another entry.

We love you all and hope you're doing well!


(P.S. I started writing this entry on Sunday, but I got distracted and busy. Sorry it's a little late!)

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