Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're back!'s been a long time since we've written! We're both hoping to do better about keeping you guys posted. Sometime I would like to go back and maybe fill in some important information here and there, but for now I'll just write about this past week.

Well, Dan and I are a little over one month into this semester (still at BYU, of course). Hmm...this is sounding strangely like one of our previous posts, isn't it? Anyway...

This semester Dan is taking
Developmental Psychology: Childhood
Intro to Social Psychology
LDS Perspectives and Psychology
Intro to Women's Studies
History of Philosophy 2

This semester I am taking
Psych 302: Research, Design, & Analysis
Psych 304: Psychological Testing
ASL (American Sign Language) 101
Intro to Women's Studies
Judaism and the Gospel
Philosophy Lecture Series

So far I've enjoyed my classes, even though some of them are very time consuming. I have to say that ASL is probably my favorite -- it's been a lot of fun, and I'm definitely picking it up much better than I picked up Spanish (back in the day). Dan has especially enjoyed his Philosophy class -- he has a really good professor who promotes some interesting discussion. Dan and I enjoy being in Women's Studies together, too. We're known as "the couple"...I'm not sure if that's a good label or not haha.

As far as this past week goes, it was a pretty mild week school-wise...kind of. Dan took two tests, so I guess that's kind of intense. He didn't think they were too bad, though. Later in the week he got sick, so he ended up staying home from classes on Thursday. Fortunately for him, he only has classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so being sick didn't push him far behind. This week I had a few assignments due here and there...a few group meetings...nothing too bad.

To fill you in a little on our work schedules, Dan is working at Hogi Yogi. He worked what seemed to me like a ton of hours this past week, but it's nice to get the money :). As for me, I got a job as a TA for Psych Stats -- I'm working for the professor I had this past Winter semester. I love it! Most of the time nobody comes to visit me during my office hours, so I just do my homework...and get paid to do it! I do enjoy when people come in for help, though -- I love helping people understand the material...really, I just love teaching in general. It's been a great job for me.

Hmm, what else? Oh, I applied for Psi Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology) this week, and I think I have a pretty good chance of getting in. I'll just cross my fingers. I'm not sure when I'll find out whether or not I made it -- hopefully later this month. This semester I also joined the ASL Club, which has been a lot of fun. At our meeting on Wednesday we learned the "general outline" (the key phrases and such) for praying and bearing our testimony in ASL. We also practiced some hymns and learned other church words in preparation for General Conference. I had a great time!

On Friday Dan and I went out for dinner at Noodles and Company, which we both *love*. We also went shopping and each bought a new pair of shoes (we were both in pretty desperate need), I bought some "girly stuff" from Bath and Body Works, and Dan bought a GRE Prep book. Eeek! The GRE! Neither of us are looking forward to that :-S

Then there was General Conference, of course. We both really enjoyed Conference this year! I thought the talks were wonderful, and so was the music! Dan missed Saturday's sessions (besides the Priesthood session) 'cause he had to work, so we're definitely planning to go back and re-watch them soon. I also plan on watching all of the sessions again in ASL, too...just for some good practice. We were thinking we'd go to the Conference Center this year for a session or two, but we decided to stay home. I'm hoping we'll go next April. While the comforts of being at home are wonderful, it's nice to go see it live at least every once in a while, especially while we have the chance.

On Saturday while Dan was at the Priesthood session, I got together with some of the Relief Society sisters -- we had a great time just talking. I really enjoyed it, especially since I don't see many of the women in Relief Society now that I'm in Primary. Oh yeah, Dan and I are both teaching a Primary class together -- 5 and 6 year olds :). It's been a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience for both of us.

I also got a haircut on Saturday between sessions, and I absolutely love it!

Well, I think that's about everything (and even if not, you're probably about ready to be done reading by now). Hopefully you'll be hearing from us again soon :)


P.S. Since I'm studying Judaism, I must also mention that Yom Kippur was this past Monday.


Muum said...

fun to hear about your week! how much of a hair cut did you get? Katie and I got trims last week, too.

Emily said...

Your Judaism and the Gospel class sounds really interesting. I wish I had taken more of the religion classes while I was at BYU.

Glad to hear you guys are doing well! Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Water Snake said...

Hey you don't know me but I graduated from BYU a few years ago. I heard about the "LDS Perspectives on Psychology" (and via google searches I found that I think you or your husband took the class?) recently and I really want to hear the lectures ... but like I said, I'm no longer at BYU. Did you by chance make audio recordings of the lectures when you took it?? Or do you remember anybody else that was in your class that I could contact with the same question? You can contact me at